About the Wasson Lab

We conduct conservation research in estuarine ecosystems.

susie_rikke_indexWe work at the interface between academic research and applied conservation practice. All Wasson lab members are affiliated both with University of California, Santa Cruz and with the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and we all carry out much of our fieldwork in coastal habitats of the Elkhorn Slough watershed.

Featured Story

Brent Hughes was the lead researcher interviewed in Earthrise’s segment on the “Sea Otter Cascade”–check out the footage here! Also, for more in depth information regarding the trophic cascade of sea otters in Elkhorn Slough, read Brent’s recent publication on the study( Sea Otter Trophic Cascade in Eelgrass Beds ).

Brent Hughes, PhD being interviewed for Earthrise's segment on the "Sea Otter Cascade".
Brent Hughes, PhD being interviewed for Earthrise’s segment on the “Sea Otter Cascade”.

To learn more about our primary study system–visit  our Elkhorn Slough page.

To find out more about the research being conducted by Wasson Lab students visit–People page.